Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association

Our Statement/Το Καταστατικό μας

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Our Statement / Το Καταστατικό μας

R.A.D.I.Kal.A. stands for Recycling for Awareness through Design Innovation, Kalamata! We believe that it is possible to combine the two major health problems, namely pollution and insufficient physical activity (read more here!) can be dealt with through Active Recycling. We also believe that Innovative Design of recycling methods not only takes recycling to a higher level, it also makes environmental projects more attractive for the younger generations. (Read more here!)

Our Statement (english)

Våra Stadgar (swedish)

Tο Καταστατικό μας (greek)

Further, we believe that raising awareness about health and environment among school children is the most efficient in the long-term. For this purpose we have adapted a pedagogical approach to be applied to our projects.

Our Pedagogical Approach (english)

Οι Παιδαγωγικοί Στόχοι μας (greek)

Innovative design for awareness raising and combining recycling with physical activity and citizen participation is the main guideline in RADIKALA’s projects.

We believe that the circle of collecting-recycling of plastic waste should end on a higher level than where it started. The end product of recycling disposable waste should be upcycled into a non-disposable product. The whole process must be designed to add to citizens awareness about environmental pollution and physical inactivity. Further, the upcycled product should clearly promote environment, health, and physical activity, meaning Radikala will withstand to design of articles which might encourage pollution or unhealthy consumption or behavior.