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Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association

Happy 3rd Birthday, R.A.D.I.Kal.A.!!!

It has been 3 wonderful years of teamwork, volunteerism, innovation, friendship and fun! Thank you to everyone who has been with us through the years. We’ve only just begun! Here’s a look at the past three years of our team…

Now, anyone can support #bottles2boats online!

Bottles2boats starts crowdfunding campaign for its new machine: the playground carousel shredder. Check out This new machine will help us proceed to the next step of transforming #bottles2boats. It is a new way to encourage children to recycle plastic bottles, while making the process fun and interesting too! Anyone can help… just click on…
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Bottles2boats (b2b) Innovative Recycling Program

#savingourseas_byrecycling_bottlestoboats #bottles2boats #b2b At a Glance Bottles2boats or b2b promotes The Educational Circle of Recycling by transforming plastic bottles into sailboats! Kids and the community help us collect bottles, slot them into the playground carousel, shred their own plastic, build small sailboats and of course, sail them along the Mediterranean Sea. From bottles… to boats!…
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Bottles2boats Exhibit (Aiolos Sailing Club)

Bottles2boats (b2b) presentation exhibit at Aiolos Sailing Club for the Regional Sailing Championship of Southern Greece 2019. (22-25 March 2019, Kalamata, Greece)

Radikala launching recycled boat at Messogios TV

RadikalaGreece management board member Anna Charalambou at Messogios Tv

Radikala+Erasmus+K.A.N.E welcome our boat-making volunteers with a challenging and creative schedule!

Arriving June 6th in Kalamata our volunteers will be welcomed by a tight and challenging program. The program is designed to be the start point of a new innovative pedagogy for environmental education in Greece.

Your old bikes become water bottle shredder and school gym-bikes! Donate them to our projects!

dear supporters,  we are in urgent need of old bikes (in any shape) to recycle into plastic shredders for Kalamata and Mani schools. if you have/ know of any, plz donate it to our project!  and plz share this post, thanx!

New Radikala shredder-bike version 2.1!

Our new shredder bike, tailored to shred greek plastic water bottles, is ready to asseble on recycled bikes. We have received new oeders for this shredder-bike and need more old bikes! Please let us know if you want to get rid of your old bikes!

coming soon; RADIKALA project’s first presentation at a Kalamata school!

R.A.D.I.Kal.A project’s first ever “official” presentation will be take place soon at Bougas Education Complex in Kalamata! We can write recycling history right here in Kalamata, amidst the Greek crisis!

New child-safe Radikala shredder-bike

Encouraged and inspired by the curiosity shown by kids during the 10th Kalamata Street Festival and 6th Kalamata Agricultural Fair, Radikala has now improved the shredder- bike design. A 1:25 reducer has replaced the chain-gear mechanism and the shredder is now totally child-safe!