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Bottles2boats is back for Year 2!

Bottles2boats or b2b is back this year with 14 volunteers from different European countries. As with last year’s D.R.E.A.M. project, this year’s Bottles2boats continues the “Educational Circle of Recycling” through a hands-on project of building boats made of recycled plastic bottles. It is the start of a month-long experience of learning, innovation, practical work, social […]

Bottles2boats (b2b) Innovative Recycling Program

#savingourseas_byrecycling_bottlestoboats #bottles2boats #b2b At a Glance Bottles2boats or b2b promotes The Educational Circle of Recycling by transforming plastic bottles into sailboats! Kids and the community help us collect bottles, slot them into the playground carousel, shred their own plastic, build small sailboats and of course, sail them along the Mediterranean Sea. From bottles… to boats! […]