Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association

2021; Focus on environmental innovation

After two years of joint projects with the Kalamata-based K.A.N.E. NGO, it’s time to concentrate our efforts in the fields of new environmental design and innovation.

Our joint projects were mainly recycling of plastic bottles as a way of involving school kids and others in our “educational circle of recycling”. Except for Radikala, whose contributions and costs were financed by its own members, supporting members and friends, these projects were financed by the European Union’s funds for the education of the youth. All financial support was received and managed by K.A.N.E.

Radikala’s contributions (design of the project “The educational circle of recycling”, our prototype recycling machines, our workshops, events..) were totally voluntary, unfunded, and free of any charges.

We are now embarking on a level of research and development which at first sight may look scary and unachievable for a small independent NGO! But we are sure that with a little help from our like-minded friends we can overcome difficulties and get better results than before. Wish us good luck and join us in any way you can!