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Bottles2boats (b2b) Innovative Recycling Program

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The first Optimist dinghy sailboat made of recycled plastic bottles

At a Glance

Bottles2boats or b2b promotes The Educational Circle of Recycling by transforming plastic bottles into sailboats! Kids and the community help us collect bottles, slot them into the playground carousel, shred their own plastic, build small sailboats and of course, sail them along the Mediterranean Sea. From bottles… to boats!

We promote a cycle of (1) educational awareness, (2) physical activity, (3) innovative recycling, (4) upcycled equipment and (5) reward for participation.

Plastic bottles -> Shredded plastic cords -> Woven plastic net -> Optimist dinghy sailboat

Sailing our first Optimist sailboat in Kalamata, Greece

Our Story

We see them everywhere, everyday, with everyone – and the problem is clear: there is too much plastic! Before we get completely overrun by plastic waste, we’re turning things around to make plastic work for us. The big problem is not only pollution caused by plastic products, but also the lack of physical exercise in youth and the community. So how do we combine both these challenges into something fun and innovative?

Bottles2boats or b2b is a joint project of K.A.NE. (The Social Youth Development) and R.A.D.I.Kal.A. (Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association) – two organizations working to improve the city of Kalamata, Greece. In June 2018, the pilot project D.R.E.A.M. constructed the first Optimist dinghy sailboat made of recycled plastic bottles. It was tested and launched into the Mediterranean Sea, proving the success of transforming “bottles to boats.”

Bottles2boats or b2b is the new, improved program with a larger vision and impact towards a more sustainable community.

Our new project

Now we need your help to finance our new machine, the playground carousel-shredder. We’re using recycled metal and constructing a playground swing carousel to be enjoyed by children in schools and public places – with a corresponding shredder and extruding mechanism to produce plastic cords from recycled plastic bottles. It is a fun, innovative way of recycling for everyone.

Our new project, the playground carousel-shredder

But what makes this campaign unique? This is not an ordinary recycling program. We’re promoting the Educational Circle of Recycling with its five-fold aim that uses a corresponding five-step boat-building process. It seeks to achieve: 1) Educational awareness by the collection of plastic bottles 2) Physical activity by the shredding into plastic cords/strips 3) Innovative recycling by weaving plastic cords on a loom to create plastic nets 4) Upcycled equipment by building boats from woven plastic nets, and 5) Reward participation by sailing the completed boats for training or
leisure purposes.

How can you help?
A little help goes a long way! We’d be grateful for any amount you’re willing to donate. Please get in touch with us here on our website or on our Facebook page: