Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association

Launching Radikala project in Kalamata schools! In cooperation with Τμήμα Ανακύκλωσης and Γραφείο Σχολικών Δραστηριοτήτων Πρωτοβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης

We are glad to inform that a consensus to launch Radikala project in schools of Kalamata has been reached during a meeting on October 6th attended by representatives from R.A.D.I.Kal.A, Kentro Neon Kalamata/K.A.N.E,  Recycling Department of the Municipality of Kalamata (Τμήμα Ανακύκλωσης Δήμου Καλαμάτας), and Activities Office of Primary Schools for the Perfecture of Messinia (Γραφείο Σχολικών Δραστηριοτήτων Πρωτοβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης Ν. Μεσσηνίας), represented by Ms Kokkonia Giannopoulou, Ms Eleni Kofterou, and Mr Dimitris Sarris.

The shredder-bike designed by Radikala will be used by students for awareness raising about environmental protection and physical activity while shredding plastic bottles collected locally by in schools and by students and their parents.